10 Principles of A.I Prediction : The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The future is now!
  • Fake News: the real kind, not the Snowflake-in-Chief kind. Firstly, fake videos could become so convincing that we may have to get used to getting our news without them, as you can see in the video below. Secondly, researchers have used AI to develop software that can write extremely believable fake online reviews (Goodbye, Yelp and Amazon) and lastly, AI can now supply the sounds in video clips without humans seeing the difference (goodbye, sound-based evidence).
Man, I miss Obama
  • Job Automation: As I mentioned last week, one real effect A.I will have is the massive upheaval of the job market within the next 5 years. It’ll come faster than we think and it’ll hit everyone hard (some earlier and harder than others). Refer to this handy guide for more details.
  • Human Stupidity: that one is always reliable. Do you remember whenMicrosoft accidentally unleashed a bot which quickly became both racist and s3xist after interacting with humanity for an hour? It was hilarious, but also sadly predictable. The algorithm was good. But Twitter wasn’t, and probably never will be (looking at you, Dorsey). Beyond this, the humans creating algorithms are flawed, as we all are, and are likely to pass their bias onto their “children”. We shouldn’t be worried about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world. The more immediate, clear and present danger is that our stupidity ruins it before it ruins us.
  • Differentiated customer service through advanced bots and virtual assistants
  • Smarter forecasting for financial planning, inventory management, and sales pipeline
  • Automated HR processes through optimized recruitment, automated talent management, and tailored benefits
  • Increased salesforce productivity through automated outbound sales, intelligent customer engagement and target marketing
  • Streamlined legal tasks with AI contract due diligence and review, assisted legal research, and automated IP monitoring.

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This article was originally made for The Pourquoi Pas, an online magazine providing in-depth analyses of today’s technological challenges.



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Adrien Book

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