DAOs are the Future of Work

8 ways organizations will change and evolve in web3

Adrien Book
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Let me tell you about the future of work.

You will work on something you love without interviewing. You will work for employers paying you based on a contract you did not sign. You will compete for rewards with colleagues you don’t know, but you’ll see everything they do. You will get a say on the organization’s strategy, but so will all of its customers. You’ll be remote, global, and always “on”.

Welcome to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations — the future of work. Here are 8 ways DAOs can change the way we work👇.

  1. Avoiding interviews🎙️- DAOs are permissionless: anyone can work on them. These new digital organizations have no recruitment process. No more CVs, no more cover letters : the bottoms up model and opt-in membership of DAOs invert the talent sourcing model.
  2. Working for many employers at once🏢- Working for permissionless organizations means that contributors can work for one, two, or twelve DAOs. The sky is the limit. Today, corporations can discard us as they see fit. Why should we not be able to do the same?
  3. A fairer way of getting paid💰- Through vote-based pay, DAOs help us experiment with new definitions of value, based on the organization’s mission. As rewards are often governance tokens, contributors keep a stake in the organization’s well-being even after they’ve left it.
  4. Making better decisions🗳️- Governance tokens act as shares that can be traded and as ballots to make decisions within the organization. One token is equal to one vote. Unlike classical corporations, everyone has a vote proportional to their stake in the project.
  5. Value-driven work❤️- DAOs are “merely” digital communities. People come together around a set of shared values, and work to further their agenda, with the help of smart contracts. This is emergence: start with a mission, and the organization will slowly emerge around it.
  6. Global / asynchronous work🌎- The gig economy today is hyper-local. DAOs makes it global. Globalization made blue-collar fight for their survival : DAOs will impact white-collar workers in the same way. By being asynchronous, they will also (finally) put an end to the 9 to 5.



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