Do you know the Triple Layer Business Model Canvas?

Economics, meet ecology and sociology

Adrien Book
10 min readSep 15, 2021


The Business Model Canvas is a great tool for entrepreneurs, yet one that is not without flaws. In order to go deeper into your business’ overall plan and identify opportunities, you need more than a single business canvas. You need three. Enter the Triple Layer Business Model Canvas, created in 2015 to encourage the creation of more sustainability-oriented innovations.

The Triple Layer Business Model Canvas, as its name indicates, relies on three user-friendly canvases: the traditional economics canvas, the environmental canvas and a social canvas.

Inspired by Joyce and Paquin’s work (through creative commons)

Though its creators argue that sustainability is at the center of their work, I believe the Triple Layer Business Model Canvas is essential to any business, whether they see themselves as sustainable or not — not least because it offers the possibility of discovering new revenue streams. We’ve strayed far enough from Friedman (and his ideals which have created unknown misery) to know that Ecology and Social Value are essential parts of any and all entrepreneurial activity. Below is a quick guide to this great tool for entrepreneurs, and an explanation as to why it’s so sorely needed.

Environmental Business Model Canvas

This canvas aims to ensure that the full life cycle of a product or service is considered when a new business is launched, with an accent on environmental impacts. I hope I don’t have to tell you why this is key to our future, as well as that of our children. This model provides insights regarding where organization might wish to focus their attention when creating environmentally-oriented innovations (which might have the added bonus of bringing in additional revenues).

Note that when we talk about environmental impact, we don’t only mean CO2 emission. This your canvas should also include components such as human health, ecosystem impact, natural resource depletion, water consumption…

1. Functional value



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