Adrien Book
2 min readAug 8, 2023

• I wouldn't call the little blog WorldCoin puts out "White Paper", but we can argue on semantics all day. Yes, I've read it. Fully. Have you?

• I am generally distrustful of anything that comes out of the crypto world because... *generally gestures at everything*.

• "Vitalik who understands things deeply" has his wealth tied in the the success of crypto. I don't love or hate the guy, but won't take his opinion into account. In any case, he's in no way a hardware expert, and, famously, no hardware in un-hackable.

• They DO scan your irises (with many other aspects of your body, as reported numerous times). They don't send that image centrally, but send the IrisHash, which can be reversed-engineer? It's super creepy and I don't see why you'd believe anything they say at face value.

• They may provide ways to sign in (I'd like to see one work, so far I haven't), but also provide a way to sign in with email, which as I understand is how most people connect. This beats the point.

• The proof of personhood in the digital world is important (I actually deleted a paragraph about that for emphasis). I just don't believe crypto-colonialism is the answer? In the 3rd world, implementing thorough government ID programs would be a great leap forward, and two-factor identification has done the job well in the west. Yea, scams exist, but they often come from social engineering, and getting your eyeballs scanned wont help with that.

• As for the VCs, I've got nothing against them. I work with them on a day-to-day basis. Great guys and gals, usually. But if they cared about the company's mission statement... they would be putting their money elsewhere, so I don't trusts them in this instance.

And again, I must stress the premise that we're talking about getting your eyeballs scanned by an orb to get fake virtual money.