Millennials, Russian Teens & 4 Rules To Consider When Discussing Gen Z

  • Never-ending job insecurity FTW — Hours of minimum wage work needed to pay for four years of public college: BOOMER: 306; MILLENNIAL: 4,459
  • TFW they broke the safety net — Average annual stock market returns on 401(k) plans: BOOMER: 6.3%; MILLENNIAL: 2.9%. And then there’s healthcare…
  • RIP your chances if affording a home — my father’s first house cost him 20 months of his salary. My first house will cost more than 10 years of mine.
  • LOL everything is intertwined — 56% of millennials with student loans have delayed a major life event — including getting married or having kids — because of their debt
  • 66% of 12th graders surveyed in 2014 had tried alcohol, compared to 81% in 1994
  • 73% of them had drivers’ licenses, down from 85% 20 years prior
  • 58% went on dates, compared to 83% of 12th graders in 1994
  • 56% worked for pay, down from 72% in 1994

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This article was originally made for The Pourquoi Pas, an online magazine providing in-depth analyses of today’s technological challenges. Click here to access it.



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Adrien Book

Adrien Book

Strategy Consultant | Tech writer | Somewhat French