Adrien Book
1 min readFeb 13, 2022

That's survivorship bias, mixed with some slippery slope fallacy. You must realise that, right? Cars worked because they provided a very obvious customer benefit. But a thousand other innovations that people sweated over didn't.

Take the radio newspaper. It was invented in 1939. The idea was that a radio transmission would transfer the newspaper to the device in your home, which would then print it out on a nine-foot role of paper, which could then be cut or folded. Sounds awesome, right? Except it just... didn't work. And we didn't go back to telegraph, we just... kept phones and radio and newspapers a bit longer.

Closer to home : do you know the Minitel? It was launched in 1982, and it was the web before the WWW. Except it didn't take off, and no one remembers it. But we didn't go back to the cavemen days, we just made something very different, that worked better.

This will happen to NFTs and Crypto. That's perfectly fine, no harm done. We're just so eager to not miss out on the Next Big Thing that we've become blind to our own biases. And that's dangerous.

And if I'm wrong... feel free to dance on my grave in 80 years :).