The 20 best sentences I’ve ever written

80 articles and 175,000 reads in, I’m not slowing down

Adrien Book


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I now have over 1,500 followers on Medium. Given that I started 4 years ago with very little writing experience, and in a language not my own, that feels like a pretty cool achievement.

As every milestone, big or small, is a an opportunity for introspection, I decided to re-read the 80 articles I wrote in this time, and pick out my favourite phrases. My hope is that they may inspire other writers to explore the dozens of topics I’ve pondered upon with ink, sweat and tears.

I leave it to the readers to guess why these specific excerpts have been included in this list. And please comment the best phrases YOU ever wrote. I really look forward to reading them.

On Technology

“Technology has both saved and doomed us in so many ways that one might be inclined to think that it is inherent to our nature to create tools that simultaneously do both.”

The Counter-Intuitive Perils and Promises of the Digital World (2019)

On Jeff Bezos

“A week ago, Jeffrey Bezos went to space. You of course know about this, because his few minutes off Earth got as much coverage in a day as climate change got all last year. Who knew irony was penis-shaped?”

Jeffrey Bezos : God-Emperor of Earth (2021)

On Social Media

“As we seek to become both audience and entertainer, we lose ourselves in the highly performative show that social media has given us a platform to create. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, people are suffering and (sometimes) dying under the torture of the fantasy self they’re failing to become.”

The Counter-Intuitive Perils and Promises of the Digital World (2019)

On Ethics

“We do not necessarily need smarter people at the table (and anything I write will not be news to an expert), but we DO need a bigger table. Or more tables. Or more seats. Or some sort of a video-conference solution. I hate metaphors.”

A.I Ethic Doesn’t Exist (2020)

On Entrepreneurship



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