Adrien Book
1 min readAug 9, 2023

• "They don't lose money, even when it seems they do" - They lose a lot of money. 30% of VC-backed projects fail. I think this is one of them. And Silicon Valley is smart AND dumb, too. Where's the metaverse? Google glasses? Theranos? Juicero? You've got survival bias goggles on.

• "So, let's assume that this project had no ambition on making money through the coin."; " Could you see how this might be exactly the plan for Worldcoin and how it could make tons of money for a16z" - yeah, that"s the whole point of the article... they're trying to recoup crypto losses. It's a dumb marketing stunt, with real costs to actual people...

• "It was designed to provoke those public reactions" - Do you have proof of that? You're assuming intent in a very odd place.

• "Isn't it curious for example that Altman asks for more regulation for AI" - Jesus are you a 25yo just out of business school? A) He asks for regulation to be able to stop competitors from entering the market by making it more difficult than he had it. B) SBF said it. The Zuck said it. Numerous times. All of Silicon valley does it. Because it looks good and they know congress is incapable of legiferating on such topics. It's a play as old as time. Seriously, articles titled "OpenAI Lobbied E.U. to Water Down AI Regulation" were coming out two months ago. He is doing exactly what you'd expect.