Adrien Book
1 min readAug 9, 2023

• "When AGI happens" - You say that like it's inevitable. People make innovations. We can choose to not do it. Or to do it in a specific way. Things don't just happen by themselves.

• Like you said, I'd have less problem if it was a non-profit, not backed up by VCs. And a non-profit would work on UBI political will.

• I have many better things in mind, which exist and work in welfare states throughout the world. I have a government ID that I can use to claim free money (80% of my salary for up to 2 years) should I ever get fired. Many such actions require fingerprints, which I'm OK to give since I'm giving it to a government that was elected in elections I voted in. I'm not giving my fcking eyeballs to some american dude backed up with VCs because Americans haven't yet figured out how to do a welfare state correctly lol.